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He stood up, finely dressed in a tuxedo, his champagne flute raised as he began his short speech, his eyes passed over the people seated at the wedding, musing bitterly to himself over the minor detail of his bare ring-finger.
"I've known this couple ever since they first started on their roller-coaster ride, six years ago. They may not have had a smooth run, I think we all agree I needn't highlight those times, but all-in-all they've stood by each other, keeping everything on track enough to make it thus far, and when all is said and done, I couldn't think of a better suited couple, even though she'll always be the one that got away" he turned to them as murmured amusement went through the crowd, his eyes meeting hers, pain flickering behind his eyes and she saw it, as he readied his final words of the speech "I wish you only the best of health and happiness..."
The words whispered into nothingness as the image dissapated into the white mist he stood in.
"What was that?" asked the sam
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'Sore Loser'
Gabriel's black nail scratched into the side of the wine glass.
"How did that infantile Daemonette best me? I mean, I'm several centuries old!" exclaimed Gabriel. Belliphaeron turned to Gabriel with a look of mild amusement on his face.
"You know exactly how, Gabe" he drawled, somewhat mockingly.
"Oh just because I fought a female, you assume I got 'distracted' and let my guard down?" said Gabriel sardonically.
"Wouldn't be the first time" chided Belliphaeron.
"That's beside the point..." growled Gabriel.
Belliphaeron sipped his wine "Either way, she beat you, and complaining about it is just spoiling our little evening" he spoke with finality.
Gabriel sighed loudly, "Very well". He sat back on the bench, looking about their private dining booth. "It is a nice evening, I'd almost failed to notice..." he said as he gazed out the window at the fading light.
"Come now Gabe, what's bothering you? Surely this isn't all from one defeat at the hands of a feisty little she-demon?" asked
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I do not know
if I am special to you,
but I try to show
that to me it is true,
every word you say,
every breath we share,
as I stroke your hair
on that lazy day...
Those naps we take,
barely even awake,
looking into your eyes,
as I hold you tight,
in the fading light,
I needn't fear lies...
How long we will last;
There is no way of knowing,
but no cracks are showing,
harsh words always pass,
love always shines through;
Anger fades for only you.
We share this moment together,
and I hope it lasts forever...
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Larry by Real-God-of-Mischief Larry :iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 0 0 -Duet- by Real-God-of-Mischief -Duet- :iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 0 0
The Academy
Alex awoke with a start and a snort, his nose burning from the impact with the desk. The teacher was looking at him with a less-than-pleasant expression as the class supressed their giggles, Alex's face reddened by the impact more than the embarrassment. His eyes scanned the room, pausing momentarily on the resident goth, the sight of her unamused expression reddening his cheeks a little more. The teacher went back to lecturing the class on the mathematical equations on the board, his moment of shame gone. Alex had trouble staying awake, the equations were frustratingly easy, but the Academy had felt that he would be better suited in this class, mainly as he'd never stayed at any one school long enough for his intelligence to be properly evaluated. He felt his eyelids sagging again as the teacher droned on about algebraic functions, his mind entirely elsewhere. He jumped as if he'd hit his face again when the bell rang, absolute music to his ears, the teacher calling out sections of th
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Against the Angst
She has my heart,
it beats her name
into every part
of my passions flame...
Every fibre of my being
yearns for her to touch,
my pleasures plaything
urged for oh so much...
from lust of desire,
to delicate love,
she is my fire
a gift from above...
when I see her,
all worry leaves,
when I hold her,
my heart feels free...
Only with her, do I feel happy...
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Odd Couple by Real-God-of-Mischief Odd Couple :iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 1 13 Sylphia - WIP by Real-God-of-Mischief Sylphia - WIP :iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 0 38 Lictor - WIP by Real-God-of-Mischief Lictor - WIP :iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 1 0
In this numberless horde,
I feel like a speck,
emotionally bored,
borderline wreck.
All that I value
and all I've achieved,
has been done before
and by greater creed.
Why even try?
I'm not unique,
thousands are like me,
only better by far,
in all I achieve
with their own scars
Just another variable,
in the worlds matrix,
feeling almost unable
to cope with this...
But something changed,
when she entered my life,
her innocent smile,
stilled my inner strife,
if for only a while,
or the rest of my life...
Suddenly I'm real,
more than a number,
words can't capture
how I feel for her...
When she's by my side,
I take it in stride,
not caring who else
has been like this,
because with her
it's just our bliss...
she makes me feel,
like life's worth trying to live.....
:iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 1 8
Ghost in the coil
Gabriel glided through the waist-deep sea of grass like a spectre, his hands drifting over the surface rippling like water under the midnight wind. A grand sense of nostalgia washed over Gabriel, he paused, his hand touching the wetness upon his cheek; a single tear. He longed to know why this moved him so, but his amnesia would permit it. He flicked his tear away as he felt the air caress his body, he looked down, seeing his emaciated form almost white in the light, scraps of dried rotted cloth clinging to him, he thought for a moment about checking his tomb for clothing, but it surely would be in no better condition. His memory twitched, something lie on the edge of his mind. His shadow curled up and around his body, defying the crescent light in the sky, tugging at his attention. He looked down at his body as his shadow moved across him, in that moment he felt his shadow tighten over his skin, forming a tight bodysuit. He touched this apparition, it had the feel of thin leather.
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Xen by Real-God-of-Mischief Xen :iconreal-god-of-mischief:Real-God-of-Mischief 0 4


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Wytch Kid
Hey, I'm an infrequent user going by a long list of different alias's.
Here are a few facts about me:
I never say my age, because I never act it,
I am an amateur writer and like trying my hand at both poetry and story-writing,

aaannd remember kiddies;
1- If you can't be good, be good at it! :D
2- Go With The Flow!

Current Residence: Deep in the bowels of my mind... or the mind of my bowels???
Favourite genre of music: Grunge, Rock, Hard Rock, Punk Rock, Metal, Heavy Metal, Alternative, Classical
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga & Impressionism
Operating System: CAFFEINE
MP3 player of choice: any
Shell of choice: shotgun
Skin of choice: Proxian!
Favourite cartoon character: Sanji, Link, Gaara, Pein, Urahara, Ukitake...
Personal Quote: ". . . POTATOES!!"
  • Reading: Bleach
  • Playing: Terraria on Xbox
ER-MA-GERD..., been a while, probably take a while for peeps to remember me, but I thought it was time for my "once in a blue-moon, I'm still alive" journal.

...aaannd nothing's really changed, except that I'm between jobs (which has nothing to do with the no interwebz situation...honest), which sucks hardcore..... which means I'm unemployed, uninspired, and a little unhappy too, but life's being good and will probably take a good turn soon :)

...oh crap, I've become an optimist :ohnoes:
but happy committed relationships have that effect :D

anyway, best be off, those applications won't ignore themselves!
  -Wytch Kid


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